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Equine App

Simplifying Equine Business Processes Through Science And Easy To Use Technology

Get It Done With Us

We help to simplify everyday business processes for breeders, trainers and equine feed manufacturers through our cloud applications.


Monitor and manage your horses feeds to ensure nutrients are not at toxic levels and that all requirements are being met. 

Breeders & Stud Farms

Give horse owners professionally branded reports with the latest information and photographs at the click of a button. No more wasting time editing reports! Snap, Add, Save, Send!

Feed Manufacturers & Nutritionists

Be confident that nutrient requirements are being met and store feed information and hay samples in a centralized location, shared across users and teams. All with the latest technology and research.

Want To Know More?

This website is still under development. We hope to launch fully in Summer 2020. So visit us here regularly to find out the latest information!

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